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07/03 : Donjons & Trésors (1)

Donjons & Trésors est un jeu de rôle par navigateur dans la plus pure tradition du genre.

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A free multiplayer turn based strategy war game based on civilizations around the year 1000 ad.
Relive history in this free online multiplayer turn based strategy war game, it is also a text based game. Lead some of histories most famous civilizations of medieval times into war, all from the safety of your web browser.

The object of the game is to lead a medieval civilization from a small empire to the top of the leaderboard.You can win two ways by attacking your opponents into submission or exploring past them in this text based game.

You can build alliances, declare wars, produce an economy based around wood, iron, food and gold. Build your army to other empires or send your explorers on missions to gain land. Production of goods, buildings and army are the keys to being the best and top ranked empire. Control your population, aid your friends goods in time of need, defence of your empire and control of the trade market are all part of the quest to conquer this strategy war game.

The online multiplayer aspect of the game makes you use your strategic thinking skills, your diplomatic skills and your guile against live players. Wage online battles against players from around the world.

We have 2 games to play at New 1000 A.D. each is turn based strategy. The Standard is a 28 day round with turns coming every 9 minutes and Blitz is a 21 day round with turns coming every 3 minutes. The civilizations you have to choose from are the Vikings, Byzantines, Chinese, Japanese, Zulu, Barbarians, Incas, Franks, Turks or the Mongols. Each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

Catégorie Conquête, Jeux de rôle
Univers Historique, Fantastique
Mots clésWargame

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